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YCO saves everyone time, thus money.

Weekly Yoga Classes
We organize yoga classes into session blocks:
one class per week for 12 weeks.

Each class costs between $150 and $250 +gst 

Average cost per participant? $8-12 /class

Prices vary depending upon circumstances
(multiple classes, small class rooms, number of

Please contact us so we can find the win-win
arrangement for all of us.

Once the contract is signed, you sit back,
take some deep breaths, pick up your
yoga mat and start benefiting from yoga
in your business.
Business Meetings can be held at
your place of work or
at various YCO affiliated studios.
Bringing Yoga & Wellness into the world of business isn’t new. People around the world are doing it. For centuries.
As a manager of people, you wish to keep your work force present and sharp while creating a robust corporate culture where employees thrive and respect is rampant.  You also want to promote wellness and decrease work related injuries. 

Oh yes, that is a lot, and you only have so much time.

Yoga Corporate Outreach can help you do ALL of those things…at the same time.

Coincidence? Not really | Time efficient? Yes | Effective? Highly!

Through regular weekly classes, we introduce yoga classes into your place of business: group classes at any level, private sessions for executives, yoga at seminars and online yoga breaks.

We organize health and wellness presentations by highly qualified, certified and experienced natural therapists.

We propose gift cards you can offer to employees to encourage the use of natural health and wellness services and the practice of yoga out of the office.

We Bring Yoga to Work - Energy to Body - Peace to Mind and Balance to your Workplace.
YCO wants to make it easier
for everyone by creating
wider, stronger bridges
between the corporate
and yoga worlds
between people working in
businesses and people working
in natural health alternatives.

YCO makes it easier for YOU
to organize yoga classes as
well as health & wellness
presentations in your company.
All of the practices are proven
methods to improve overall
employee health.
YCO Gift Cards encourage the use and
permanent adoption of these practices.
Employment offer:
Administrative Assistant & Yoga Instructor
yoga corporate outreach