Hello, I am Amanda, and I am a builder of a bridge which I called YCO - yoga corporate outreach.  Before discovering yoga, I taught fitness classes part-time for over 15 years while working at a desk-job in the corporate sector as a marketing manager. 

I also dealt with heavy stress in high-intensity environments as a supervisor in and around overseas humanitarian warehouses.
As a matter of fact, I still work in stressful environments and at a desk job.  But that’s not all I do…

I turned to yoga over 12 years ago - to help alleviate stress, increase flexibility, relax, strengthen my body-mind-spirit and as a meditative practice.
I am thankful that I have found a community of professionals (yoga instructors and natural therapists) and businesses (possibly yours?) that apply the win-win model in their business decisions, striving for the highest greater good of all concerned.

Thank you,
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People around the world are doing it. For centuries.

YCO wants to make it easier for everyone by creating a wider,
stronger bridge between the corporate and yoga worlds, and
between business people and natural health alternatives.
Right here, Right now!
Due to its low equipment requirements, one can practice yoga anywhere (in bare feet, on-a-mat, at the wheel or at a desk).  Yoga brought relief to my mind and spirit, two elements that were missing from my purely physical workouts and my mobile work life. It’s the holistic connection which brings balance to my life and grounds me.
When I returned in 2009 to Edmonton from overseas, and wanting to continue my practice, I went to a number of yoga studios, searching for a mixture of professionalism, heart, variety and quality teachings. 

I found many teachers and studios which embody these qualities and became a teacher of yoga.  I appreciate the continued mentoring I receive.

I have created my dream job and am grateful.  I work building ties between two cultures: the high-energy, sometimes stressed corporate sector and the more relaxed, balanced-energy of yoga instructors and natural health care professionals.  I am building bridges between quality workplaces and quality instructors and practitioners.

Together we are exposing more people to yoga and natural health care options in the convenience of their workplace.  
Bringing Yoga & Wellness into
the world of business isn’t new.
1. Yoga Benefits in the Workplace

2. YCO Instructors

3. Let's Get Personal

4. Why Yoga

5. Win-Win Partnerships
YCO makes it easier for YOU to organize Yoga Classes and Health & Wellness presentations in your company.  

• arrange substitute instructors (no cancelled events!) 
• rotate instructors (try new styles) 
• ensure paperwork around payroll
• verify insurance & certifications
• complete satisfaction and return on value evaluations
• report on satisfaction levels, return on value and monetary ROI (ROI evaluations are only possible with long term clients).
• offer yoga supplies at great prices.  

We can integrate you and your employees into our mail outs regarding upcoming wellness activities, seminars, free presentations and yoga activities.   
Many YCO instructors are senior teachers, having 10+ years of experience.

We verify initial certification, on-going insurance, additional training and experience in the different types of yoga.

We interview instructors, partake in their classes and are convinced of their ability to instruct multilevel classes in each type of yoga that they offer.

We also have regular meetings to ensure specificities of a place of business are communicated between all YCO staff (main instructors, subs, admin staff).

For example, if your business requests a class for construction workers suffering from back injuries, and offers a second class to office staff prone to carpal tunnel and shoulder injuries, we tweak classes to address these issues and offer participants ‘take-home’ exercises.

YCO also matches teachers to the environment/participants they will be encountering.

YCO is 100% comfortable sending that particular instructor into your business.

Together we expose more people to the practice of yoga, creating a more flexible, meditative, peaceful, finer corporate world ... one yoga class at a time.
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